Department of LABORATORY

The Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with state of art fully automated Haematology, Biochemistry equipments. Laboratory aims at complete automation to minimize human errors and achieve excellence in quality.

The Laboratory Medicine aids the physicians and surgeons in arriving at the diagnosis by performing various diagnostic tests.

The Laboratory Department provides 24 hour service to cater ICU and emergency departments.

The laboratory is headed by Dr Sujatha Udupa,MBBS,MD(Pathology) who has more than 12 years of experience in this field. The laboratory team also comprises well experienced quality manager, Medical technologists, Phlebotomist and Lab assistants.

The services offered by the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology are as follows :

  • Haematopathology: This Department mainly related to diagnosis of diseases affecting red-blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and coagulation.The department is equipped with fully automated 6 part differential haematology analyzer Sysmex XNL 350 to perform various tests like complete blood count, reticulocyte count etc. The department has coagulation instrument to perform coagulation tests like PT and APTT. Apart from this the Department also performs bone marrow smear and trephine biopsy examination.
  • Biochemistry: This Department performs various biochemical tests like liver function tests, kidney function tests, Lipid profile etc which are deranged in various diseases. The department is equipped with fully automated dry chemistry analyser Vitros 250 to perform various biochemical tests.
  • Clinical Pathology: This Department mainly performs tests like urine analysis, urine pregnancy tests etc. It is equipped with instrument like urine analyser etc.
  • Cytopathology: This Department is involved in the diagnosis of disease by examining cells from various body sites through tests like Fine needle aspiration cytology, PAP smear test ( for cervical cytology) etc.
  • Histopathology: In this Department pathologist performs the microscopic examination of the tissues to give diagnosis of various benign and malignant (cancer) diseases.
  • Health Packages: The Laboratory Department has designed various preventive health packages to suit all age groups at the affordable cost.

Team Laboratory

  • Dr Sujatha Udupa
  • MBBS, MD in Pathology
  • Consultant Pathologist